Isabelle Seilern

Isabelle Seilern develops with photography a materialized memory. Suggestion of a space-time where a mnesic trace arises like a print.

Her plastic reflects the reality of a moving objectivity.

The camera she has used since childhood has become her relationship to reality. The apprehension of movement and of its light.

Her photography does not stop the image, it propels it into illusion.

Her relationship to reality is disguised, reoriented in a personal poetic inspiration.

Photography and digital realization settle her in the current preoccupations of those artists who are always in search of contemporaneity.


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Works presented here:

Série Passage, Isabelle SEILERN, 2014, Photographie numérique, Tirage Argentique couleur RC satiné Kodak, Collage direct Alu 1mm + Caisse américaine bois blanc.
Tirage à 5 exemplaires.

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