The Manifesto

The TRANSFIGURING movement was founded in Paris on December 5, 2014
by seven visual artists: Adrienne Arth, Olivier de Cayron,
Georges Dumas, Marie-Laure Mallet-Melchior, Françoise Peslherbe,
Isabelle Seilern and VAM. Its aim is the promotion and defense
of photography and the visual arts.

Photography from a non-consumerist, non-stereotyped, non-documentary,
non-obvious perspective. Far from photographic conventions.

Photography under the aegis of experimentation, of plastic arts
and new technologies.

Photography which does not aim to give an account of truth but
rather focuses on the intimacy of a gaze, on a personal journey
through photography and its history.

Photography which resists, which does not try to appeal to everybody
but is addressed to anybody.

Figurative and theatrical photography which explores the human landscape,
based on and feeding from the contemporary world, its speed,
its various strata, its confusion, its multiplicity,
feeding also from what appears and disappears in it.

Photography which searches, filters, constructs and deconstructs,
stiches and unstitches the form of figuration: which plays with difference,
decenters the gaze of the artist as well as of the spectator.

Photography as the basis of exploration of the real and its forms.

Photography which transcends these forms and metamorphoses them.

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