Jean-Philippe Deugnier

Influenced by the intimate rendering of Edward Hopper and Vilhelm Hammershoi, Jean-Philippe Deugnier’s images do not try to account for a truth-reality, but transform it into a poetic representation, exploring the human landscape, feeding on Contemporary world, its speed, its strata, its multiplicity, to carry it beyond the figuration.

For the Blueprint series, the artist intertwines two images, one “real” and the other redesign as a “Blueprint”, and transfers them on lenticular sheets. Depending on the angle of view, some details are revealed and some others occulted, alternately.

Through this optical game, Jean-Philippe Deugnier is questioning the interpretation and the concept that we have of images, while approaching a chromatic pictorial rendering and a modeling close to the sculpture. He wants to propose a perceptual experience of diving within the image, an exploration of the notion of vision.


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Works presented here :

Serie Blueprint, Jean-Philippe Deugnier, 2016, Digital interlaced images, printed on lenticular sheets

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